Tuesday, February 18, 2014

These are the climes that try men's souls

A pooch in Omyakon, Siberia. Photo by Amos Chapple.
   Winter has a month to go and already Weather dotcom has run out of ideas for headlines, after "Say it ain't snow," what are they going to say next? Reminds me of my days on the sports desk of the New York Daily News when you had to come up with a dozen different verbs for win, but at least the opposing teams and even the winners rotated so that if the Yankees bopped the Bosox in April they could bop them again in June and nobody would even notice that you were repeating yourself. But this winter of one snowstorm following on the heels of another has pretty much drained the creative juices from headline writers nationwide, except in Florida and California.
   Heck, even Snowmageddon is hackneyed by now. Snow kidding. This winter sleighs me. Slush, slush, sweet Charlotte. I give up. Go ahead, hit me with your best snow headline.

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  1. A slip-and-fall suit that cites an uncleared sidewalk is a "storm sewer."