Friday, October 12, 2012

Kudos all around to my colleagues

   A little more than four years after being unceremoniously (acrimoniously might be a better word) dumped by my employer of 20 years, the newspaper that rescued me from the discard bin of long term unemployment, the Bristol Press, was named Newspaper of the Year in its circulation category for 2012 by the New England Newspaper and Press Association. Its circulation may be smaller than that of my previous employer, but its staff is way more enthusiastic and talented, its management much more concerned with putting out a good product than the vast array of deadwood at the paper where I used to work.

   My contribution to the award winning product was marginal, a few headlines here and some page layouts there, dividing my time between the Press and its sister paper, the New Britain Herald, but I'm proud to have contributed even in some small way to the paper's achievement.


  1. YOU were part of the deadwood at your former newspaper.

    1. Well, if this isn't the pot calling the kettle black. Such vitriol, too, capitalizing "you" for emphasis. I doubt that any current or former member of the copy desk at the place where I used to work would say anything other than that I was one of the most productive people on the copy desk. Certain members of the overpaid, sleepworking management team do seem to have thought otherwise.