Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Production of Bath Salts outsourced to China

Now you've stepped in it, Arianna. I mean, it's one thing to order your copy editors to put names and places in headlines, I get it, that's how people searching the Internet find your story when 20 or 200 news-oriented web sites have the same or similar story. But today as I looked at my aol page, which uses the Huff Post as its news service, I was greeted with the following blaring headline:

Face Eating Attack In China: 'Dong,' Drunken Bus Driver, Allegedly Bites Woman 'Du's' Nose, Lips

Now it's a terrible thing, these face eating attacks that seem to be occurring all over the place, not to be confused with the flesh eating attack by a germ (or a virus?) on poor Aimee Copeland. But ol' Arianna Huffington has gone and done it now. I wonder how high up this story will appear when some shmo goes to the Internet and types in the name of his favorite porn expression. Huh? Some guy in China? Hel-lo. C'mon Arianna, wouldn't it be enough to simply announce "Drunken bus driver allegedly bites ..."

And then there's attribution. I love the use of "allegedly" here. Like what's Mister Dong going to do, sue Arianna for ruining his reputation?

Besides, Huff Post and all the other news outlets are missing the real story here. Obviously, Monsanto or Dow or Cargill or whoever produces the stuff has outsourced the production of Bath Salts to China.

Well, I wish Miss "Du" a speedy recovery. As for the Huffington Post's headline dictates, I wish I could say the same.

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